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bs-LIMS - Logiciel LIMS Médecine légale

IML Module - Management of Forensic Institutes

bs-LIMS IML provides you with all the necessary tools for managing the activity of a forensic medicine institute. The software allows you to obtain infallible traceability both administratively and technically. You can thus gain simultaneously in efficiency and traceability.

Optimize your processes

  • Admission Management
  • Full traceability of bodies and their location
  • Sample Lifecycle Management
  • Electronic medical record
  • Automated editing of all medical procedure documentation
  • Management of exchanges with undertakers
  • Mass disaster management mode

Our cross-functional modules also allow you to manage:

Logiciel GMAO module gestion des stocks

Your stocks of consumables with the automated editing of replenishment and destocking requests

Automation of invoicing for body storage, storage of seals

Logiciel gestion des démarches qualité

Quality management with, in particular, non-conformity follow-ups and quality document management

Prévention, réseau d'affichage dynamique

Dynamic display your business information on dynamic displays

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