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Software Module - Quality Management

Whatever the structure of your company, the implementation of a quality system is a guarantee of sustainability for its activity, aiming at the satisfaction of the end customer. The quality approach includes all the documents related to the organization, actions, procedures and means implemented to ensure optimal quality. This is a long-term job that involves the management as well as all the staff.

The quality standards lead us to set up a document management. bs-QHSE simplifies your life by automatically referencing documents according to your codification. Quickly manage the cycle of editing, verification, approval and versions of documents. Dispatching of documents and electronic acknowledgment ensure flawless traceability of your document process.

Improve your company's performance and involve your employees more in the quality process!

bs-QHSE, integrated software at the service of quality

The quality module is integrated transversely into all bs-QHSE modules. You can thus reference an anomaly from any item. Dashboard, Pareto and monitoring provide you with all the elements to build your PDCA.

Traceability and monitoring of actions

Actions that are not moving forward? With this module, you directly visualize the progress of the actions and you follow up with the managers and actors of the actions concerned.


  • Easily manage the document management of your quality system
  • Manage your document workflow with reminders to ensure deadlines are met
  • Distribute your documents and trace the acquired knowledge
  • Generate your lists of documents requiring revision
  • The quality module interacts with all the modules of bs-QHSE, initiate an anomaly from all the sheets
  • Have tools to analyze the referenced anomalies
  • Automatically create your PDCA from corrective actions

Facilitate your certification procedures

ISO 9001
ISO 45001

We support you in the digitalization of your QHSE approach

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