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Software module - Equipment and maintenance management (GMAO)

Get a module to easily manage your material and equipment inventories. Be alerted when your warranties or maintenance contracts expire. Track all events on your equipment, whether cleaning, preventive / corrective maintenance or metrology. The product plus: centralize all your data in the EDM associated with the module.

The CMMS module also allows you to monitor the operating time of your equipment, with the aim of monitoring indicators and implementing a total productive maintenance (TPM) approach.

Coupled with the risk management module, the CMMS module allows you to extend the management functionalities of PPE/EPC. Follow their allocation as well as the interventions to be carried out: overhaul, repair and certification.


  • Inventory of materials and equipment
  • Management of warranties and maintenance contracts
  • Management, planning & monitoring of events and interventions
  • Operations time tracking
  • Metrology
  • Generation of dematerialized reports
  • Management of maintenance using indicators
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) approach
  • SMS and email alerts

Optimal maintenance for all your equipment

Keep all your equipment in perfect working order, avoid breakdowns and delays in manufacturing processes.

The bs-QHSE CMMS module offers you traceability over the entire life cycle of your equipment, both as a user and as a third party. Track all events associated with your hardware along with their usage time.

Have, for each machine or equipment, indicators such as the frequency and duration of maintenance, the duration and availability of daily use as well as the duration of machine downtime over a given time.

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