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BioSilicium is an editor and integrator of integrated management software packages, with expertise in the fields of quality and traceability.

The adventure began in February 2015 in Auvergne near Clermont-Ferrand. The activity was organized around two fields: forensic sciences and health and safety. Our activity is aligned with the common thread of quality and traceability.

In the forensic field, BioSilicium publishes the expert system bs-SEAL® and the management software bs-LIMS®. Our integrated management software packages have specific business modules allowing the digitalization of the following activities :

Méthode de suivi d'exposition brevetée - Logiciel QHSE

BioSilicium has taken advantage of the experience gained in the QHSE field since 2009 within the framework of a development partnership with the laboratory Biogemma. bs-QHSE® was born from this partnership. This software package facilitates the digitalization of Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental processes. Our patented fast entry technology allows you to track employee exposure in seconds.

The work in those two areas has confirmed our mission to provide traceability and quality tools to protect employees and companies.

A focus on the world

85% of our turnover is achieved internationally. 

BioSilicium opened a sales office and R&D facility in Tallinn, Estonia in 2018.

Innovation as philosophy

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Since its inception, BioSilicium has been labeled as Young Innovative Company. We have several research programs, notably in algorithmic and Artificial Intelligence. A PhD thesis is in progress, in partnership with one of our customer, with the objective of integrating artificial intelligence into our software packages.

A team of passionate people

Each member of our team is passionate about his or her work and has dual skills: Quality, Artificial Intelligence, Molecular Biology, object-oriented programming, cloud, etc. Thanks to our team, BioSilicium creates synergies to develop its services every day.

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