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Software Module - Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks are terminals equipped with touch screens and bar code readers. They have two advantages within the company:

The first is to give access to the bs-QHSE software package to all the company’s employees, especially those who do not have an account in the information system. The kiosk has simplified interfaces which present a version of the Risk assesment document adapted to the positions of the employee. It also provides other features such as the publication of prevention documents and videos, easily made available by the QHSE manager.

The second is to facilitate automated processing. The intelligence of kiosks, combined with their location awareness and ability to identify employees, enables them to handle complex and varied use cases. Kiosk are able to provide different services in connection with the activated modules.

Example use case for kiosks:

  • with the stock management module, they allow products to be automatically destocked
  • with the HR module, they help you to monitor the presence of employees within the company
  • with the exposure monitoring module, they trace the exposure of employees to certain chemicals or biological agents


  • Kiosks can provide access to the Risk assesment document to all company employees, especially those without computer access
  • Training and prevention videos can be broadcast via kiosks
  • The presence of employees on site can be tracked
  • Different actions can be automated and therefore facilitated

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