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Software module - Management of hazardous situations

Accidents at work or near misses linked to faulty equipment, falls or clutter: can you be aware of all the risks to which your employees are exposed? It is sometimes difficult to understand all the dangerous situations without being on the ground!

The identification of risk situations and the feedback of information allow the implementation of measures before the accident occurs. Mobilize your teams with our mobile application. Each employee can become an actor in prevention by uploading a photo and a brief description of the phenomenon he encounters, in less than a minute. The HSE team is automatically alerted and can immediately launch corrective actions. bs-QHSE guarantees you full traceability at all stages of the process.

With the digital signage module, information can be instantly relayed through the signage network.


  • Smartphone app
  • Real time reporting of hazardous situations
  • Trigger action plans
  • Easily keep your register of hazardous situations
  • Trace all the steps of the process
  • Specific dashboard

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Relay information related to hazardous situations thanks to the dynamic display

Remontée de situation dangereuse

Choose the data you want to display on your display network:

  • Number of declared hazardous situations
  • Status of corrective actions
  • Visualization of the last hazardous situation
  • Breakdown by unit
  • Causes identified

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