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Prevention Plan Module

Our prevention plan management module is fully integrated into your prevention approach. In connection with your DUER, the risks are automatically referenced and can be reworked in view of co-activity.

Using bs-QHSE, you can centralize all the work around the prevention plan in our software package. All documents related to the prevention plan are stored in one place, you can automatically generate your own Word documents from your templates: prevention document, worker badge, etc. You can also control from the prevention plan the actions necessary to secure the works. In an integrated way, these actions go back to the level of the DUER. In the same way, you can declare non-conformities directly at the level of the prevention plans and have an integration within our Quality module.


  • Monitoring of the life cycle of the prevention plan
  • Referencing of involved companies, subcontractors and employees involved
  • Planning and follow-up of visits
  • Automated risk management with manual adaption for each situation
  • Assessment of the criticality of risks by integrating co-activity
  • Integration within the DUER module in order to directly manage actions related to the prevention plan in the health and safety action plans
  • Integration within the Quality module to directly manage process non-conformities
  • Storage of all documents related to the prevention plan in the EDM
  • Automated editing of documents according to your Word templates

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