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Software Module - Exposure and Risk Tracking chemical, biological and physical

Many employees are exposed to different types of risks (chemical, biological and/or physical) in their workplace. The traceability and individual exposure monitoring of each employee is a regulatory obligation and a duty for their long-term protection . Tracing occupational exposures also makes it possible to inform employees of the risks associated with each product handled or processes to which they may be exposed and to train them on the precautions to take.

The exposure monitoring module of bs-QHSE gives you the tools to manage the different repositories necessary for this mission. The safety data sheets (SDS) are directly integrated into EDM and the edition of simplified versions can be automated.

3 declaration methods enable to manage the different needs according to the activity of your employees. A manual method adapting to all your needs. One based on job descriptions in the case of shift workers or employees performing repetitive tasks. A fast input method, in the case of various activities, changing every day. The latter is patented and allows your employees to declare, in 50 seconds, all of the exposures over the day. Save time and resources.

Automatically generate exposure monitoring sheets by determining all employee’s exposures over a period, as well as their protection context related to the risk assesment document, in order to improve prevention.


  • Management of repositories of chemicals, biological agents and physical exposures
  • SDS management & simplified SDS editing
  • Management of associated pictograms
  • Fast identification of exposed employees
  • Automated edition of the exposure monitoring sheet for each employee
  • 3 exposure entry methods depending on the activity of your employees
  • Processing returns in less than 50 seconds with our patented fast entry method

Create all your risk-related repositories and associate them with safety pictograms

Create and list all your operating modes

Assign them to processes.

Create the profiles subject to the different processes.

Create company functions grouping several profiles.

Entering the exposure: 3 methods at your disposal

  • Manual: the employee manually selects the operating modes and the number of repetitions performed over a given time.
  • By profile / job description: the Human Resources department enters the working hours of each employee and the integrated system automatically generates an exposure monitoring using pre-established parameters.
  • Quick: some of your employees have varied activities, which can change daily? The patented fast entry method is for you. Perform the data entry of exposure to different products in 50 seconds per day and per employee. Discover how it works in the following video.
Méthode de suivi d'exposition brevetée - Logiciel QHSE

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