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Act directly in the field
with our mobile app!

Our mobile application provides various modules features to all your employees.

You can thus create an exchange dynamic and mobilize collective intelligence in order to deal with hazardous situations, safety or quality action plans as well as the treatment of non-conformities.

At the security team level, you will be able to carry out the risk assessment directly in the field.


Risk Assessment

Direct access to the risks listed in your risk assesment document:

  • update risk assessment
  • document the risk and its context with pictures
  • take action in order to manage the risk

Action Plan Management

Each employee has access to his assigned actions in the different areas: safety, quality or project. Actions are easier to manage with:

  • a follow-up of the statuses and the evolution of the process
  • documentation via achievements pictures
  • live actions valuation

Dangerous situations

All employees can report hazardous situations encountered in their work environments:

  • direct link with the risk assesment document
  • GPS localization
  • identification of the risk encountered


Employees can report non-conformities directly via the application:

  • document in real time non-conformities
  • consign of photos
  • treatment of curative & corrective actions

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